Skinjackin is a collective that brings together painters, illustrators, tattoo artists, graffiti artists and graphic designers, all of them in solidarity with a funny and colorful pirate crew. They intervene live in your sleepless nights, cultural events or youth workshops.
Born in 2009 in France, Skinjackin has built itself around a simple idea: to offer ephemeral tattoos with flashy, quirky, original and surprising colors. The intervention is done live and only the photos testify to the existence of the work. The troop has carte blanche to draw what he/she wants and the victim has no choice but to submit to the onslaughts of the Merry Pirates.
A strand provocative, they act with subtlety, in a playful and childish tone that is totally assumed. Skinjackin is about having fun around a unique and collective artistic experience.

Piracy, a real family, has grown on an international scale and counts more and more members… Quickly, the crew opened up to new activities: making frescoes, collective exhibitions, making videos in stop-motion, setting up workshops for discovering and initiating graphic arts…

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